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A reverse lookup by phone number is merely a process of tracing someone’s name, address or any other associated information by their own cell phone number. There are a large number of websites online offering reverse lookup by phone number searches. Most of them claim that they are free; few others require a little amount of fee before you can get access to the background information about a particular unlisted or mobile number. Besides this there are directories that also combine land line numbers, cell phone as well as unlisted number listings – offering an all-in-one search service to people.

Obviously everyone will like to get this info just for free and so for this reason you have many websites online will try to capitalize on this idea by running different scams. One should be extremely careful not to click on such websites unless and until you are confident about their authenticity. Otherwise you might pick up a virus even before you know it.

To do a reverse lookup by phone number you require using any trusted directory service. While you will not find any national cell phone directory service available in the USA because of various privacy concerns, but there are many specialized directories that are used by journalists, private detectives and anyone right from suspicious wives to bounty hunters to facilitate in their business. All these companies spend a lot of time as well as financial resources in assembling mobile numbers into vast data sets with both private as well as public sources, and major cell phone number carrier restricted databases.

The entire lookup by phone number process of tracing someone by their cell phone number is very simple – all you need to do is just enter the phone number you want to track down and hit on the “Search” button. If this number is incorporated in the phone directory, you are enable to view basic identifying data like the phone owner’s name, billing address, age, mobile provider, previous addresses etc. A few phone directories like stated above can be utilized to search mobile as well as listed / unlisted telephone numbers. You also can request for detailed background check that includes criminal records if any or divorce records etc.

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The quality of these services mainly depends upon the depth of data that is compiled. Companies with small data might not find information for your number. So it’s always best to select a company that has access to huge data from various phone companies. For this the subscription rates may vary from $20-$50. Cheap services again don’t have good information compared to those with higher prices which have vast database and that is regularly updated. You have to some research before you go for any lookup by phone number service.

Yes, these reverse lookup by phone number services are legal to make use of them, provided you do not misuse them. Though, these services are totally safe for personal use like finding lost contacts, complaining against some annoying calls, tracing out unknown numbers and many more.

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